100 year-old Holocaust survivor rescued by MDA in Moldova

In an operation that involved 14 hours in an ambulance, a 100 year-old Holocaust survivor arrived safely at the clinic set up jointly by Magen David Adom and Ichilov Hospital following a request from the Jewish community in Kishinev, Moldova.

Following the successful rescue, the survivor was taken for health examinations and treatment by the medical teams at the clinic. They also ensured that she was housed in the same hostel as the teams in order to ensure that she remains under their care and supervision, and that they keep her company until she makes Aliya to Israel.

Magen David Adom Paramedic Haim Levin and Dr. Rim Albasel of Ichilov Hospital commented, "Over the past month, she has been in a life-threatening situation, so once she arrived at the clinic after her ordeal, we made sure to welcome her warmly. We ensured she was healthy and found her accommodation in our hostel. This way, we kept an eye on her until she left for Israel. We heard about her experiences during the Holocaust and the difficult journey she endured. We got to see the look of tranquility on her face as she saw the MDA symbols on our uniforms…she was finally in safe hands.”


Magen David Adom & Ben Gurion University sign historic agreement

A ceremony marking the affiliation agreement between Magen David Adom (MDA) and Ben Gurion University (BGU) was held last March. The academic affiliation, similar to the agreements between universities and hospitals, allows for improved cooperation in research and training for both parties. The agreement includes coordinated activities between the Emergency Medicine Degree at the University's Medical Sciences Faculty, and MDA's Paramedic Training Centre in Ramat Gan. The affiliation will also improve MDA's research abilities, further exposing the organization to a wider global audience through the presentation of academic research papers.

"The ability to combine BGU's knowledge and abilities with MDA’s expertise will certainly lead to developments in the field of the pre-hospital care, as well as more lives being saved," said Prof. Daniel Chamovitz, President of BGU.

MDA has experience in many fields that could be of benefit to other EMS organizations, such as the mass vaccination program, mass casualty response training, and activation of Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICUs). The affiliation with BGU will provide an improved mechanism for sharing MDA's knowledge and abilities.

MDA Director General Eli Bin added, "Magen David Adom is very proud to join BGU in the fields of academia, research, and combined study in this special collaboration. The unique cooperation between Israel's National EMS and the University that is leading the way in medicine will further strengthen the professional knowledge and clinical tools that are provided to our paramedics and EMTs on the front line. I have no doubt that this joint venture will advance the research in such a way that more lives will be saved in Israel and across the world. I thank the heads of BGU for their cooperation!”


A Magen David Adom EMT never truly calls it a night

Daniel Mostov, a senior EMT and ambulance driver was on his way home from a night shift at Netanya's MDA station in order to remain on standby for any events in the area. While stopped at a junction, moments before arriving home, a man knocked on the door of the ambulance asking for help as his wife was in advanced labour.

The couple, residents of the city of Bnei Brak, were on their way to Laniado Hospital in Netanya when the woman's waters suddenly broke and she began having strong contractions. The husband noticed the MDA ambulance next to him at the junction and ran across to get help. Daniel immediately called MDA's National Medical Dispatch Centre (NMDC) and asked them to send a Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) to the scene.

After a few minutes, Daniel had already delivered a healthy baby. He made sure to keep the baby warm, checked the vital signs, and helped the father cut the umbilical cord. Daniel handed the mother and baby over to the MICU team who then conveyed the excited family to hospital.

Daniel told a little more of the story, "At around 7:45, when I was already in my neighbourhood after a long shift, someone suddenly ran up and knocked on the door of the ambulance. He yelled that his wife was having a baby in the car, and within seconds, I found myself with all the equipment delivering a baby. After I made sure that all the vitals were stable, I helped calm the parents and along with the father, we cut the umbilical cord. I've assisted with many deliveries, but this is certainly the most unique! Once the couple had recovered and realized the speed of MDA's response time, they were very emotional and grateful."