Since 1976, Canadian Magen David Adom for Israel (CMDA) has been the sole authorized fund-raising organization in Canada dedicated to supplying ambulances, medical equipment, supplies and blood testing kits to support the life saving efforts of MDA in Israel. All of CMDA's assistance to MDA has been made possible solely through the generous donations of people just like you.

With its Head of Operations in Montreal and supporting Chapters across the country, CMDA's commitment to this cause runs deep with over 100 dedicated volunteers and a permanent staff of full-time professionals.

In addition to providing ongoing support for the people of Israel, CMDA has contributed 20 percent of the funds required to build the National Headquarters of MDA's Blood Bank located in the Tel-Ha'shomer complex just outside Tel Aviv, supplied 100 of the 800 Ambulances in service today and 25 of the 200 emergency First-Responder Medical Scooters with plans to purchase another eight this year. Two of the Mobile Blood Units and $1.2 million in annual contributions to purchase specialized blood testing kits have all been possible due to your generous donations.

MDA is not a government agency, and therefore, depends heavily on donations, primarily from the Diaspora. In order to continue safeguarding lives in routine times and in times of emergency, MDA requires constant support.

Today, and every day, CMDA saves lives.

Mission Statement

The mission of Canadian Magen David Adom for Israel (CMDA) is to donate medical supplies and ambulances directly to the people of Israel through Magen David Adom (MDA)*, Israel's sole national emergency, medical, ambulance, and blood services society.

* Magen David Adom Israel, a full participative member of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Society, offers its life-saving and humanitarian services to anyone in the State of Israel-resident or visitor - regardless of race, color, religion, creed or orientation - and abroad when called upon during crises and disasters.

Message from our President

On July 12th, 1950 the "Magen David Adom" law was passed through the Knesset, establishing MDA as the sole official Emergency Medical and Rescue Organization for the State of Israel.

Since then, the organization has developed into one of the most advanced humanitarian organizations in the world, operating 123 primary stations and dispatching points throughout Israel, 1,065 MDA vehicles on the road, and a world class national blood bank. Tracing Services at Magen David Adom, in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), fulfills the requests of holocaust survivors and their families, both in Israel and throughout the world.

Most importantly, Magen David Adom provides treatment to any individual who needs help – regardless of ethnicity, race, or political or religious affiliation as it strives to alleviate human suffering wherever it is found. The earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal and the tsunami victims are a few examples of international humanitarian assistance MDA has provided.

The State of Israel itself cannot survive without Magen David Adom!

Your donations to Canadian Magen David Adom will support our efforts to provide blood testing and equipment, paramedic equipment and supplies, our "best-in-class" Montreal-produced ambulances, and much more.

Please join us in saving lives and mitigating the suffering of human beings.

Joseph Amzallag
National President